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Wealth & Happiness in Macon, Georgia

Through the power of the almighty God, Reverend Roosevelt Franklin Ministries in Macon, Georgia, conducts services to help you find ways to have more money, wealth, positive thoughts, and happiness. Come to one of our services and see the difference in what is taught and preached about through our ministry.


Wealth Is Not a Sin
In our daily ministry services, we talk about the good of having money, the good fortune, and the blessings that come from wealth.

Many preachers speak about money as a sin, but the Reverend Roosevelt Franklin teaches that God does not want you to be poor. You are supposed to be rich.

Money Is a Blessing
Receive our blessing as we teach you how to get money. The teachings we offer are about you and your happiness.

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Free Prayer Cloth, Wealth & Happiness in Macon, GA

Reverend Roosevelt Franklin Ministries
Our ministry started in 1966, the Reverend asked God what to do, and He showed him the way.

Contact us in Macon, Georgia, for more about the wealth and happiness you can have that we teach about during our daily ministry services.

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