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♠Daily Ministry Services in Macon, Georgia

Believe and receive. Join us at the Reverend Roosevelt Franklin Ministries in Macon, Georgia, for our daily ministry services and hear the truth about wealth and happiness.

Money & Wealth
All of our services are about money—how to have it, how to get it, and how to keep it. We teach and tell you how to obtain wealth and happiness through the power of the almighty God.

Services are held Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. You're invited to stop in any time during those hours as our daily ministry services last all day.

Helping Yourself
You can find wealth and happiness through the power of the almighty God, and we will teach you how to get what you want through Him. We help people help themselves and talk about having good luck.

Happy Couple, Daily Ministry Services in Macon, GA

Happiness through God
There is help for people who have been touched by Voodoo, black magic, and witchcraft. At Reverend Roosevelt Franklin Ministries, we teach that you are the one who stands up and directs your own destiny on the road to happiness through God.

Blessings & Healing
If a person is all mixed up and confused, we teach how to make positive things happen in your life rather than wasting energy and time on wishing for things to get better. We believe that all things are possible through the power of God, and that includes money and happiness.

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teachings of wealth and happiness through the power of the almighty God.